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Cambridge, England, August 2015: Ubisense Group plc (AIM: UBI), a leading provider of high-precision tracking systems (enterprise location intelligence solutions), announces the completion of a new customer project in the logistics sector. On the basis of the RTLS Hardware & Location Platform of the Ubisense Group, the Cologne-based company VLS Engineering has expanded the most important logistics hub of the Dutch Raben Group by a state-of-art video infrastructure.

Raben equipped the logistics hub with around one hundred cameras both on the inside and outside. This resulted in a complete coverage of all important loading and unloading areas, storage locations and entries to the warehouses. The aim was to improve the logistical processes, increase the safety of the goods handled and to completely document all services from start to finish. The company uses the Ubisense location intelligence solutions to structure the data flows from the cameras, index them and make their contents searchable.

Each time a forwarding employee scans the barcode of a new warehouse delivery, the system sets a marker on the video stream and saves the time and place. As a second step, the VLS solution links the video recording, the data record and the barcode within the warehouse management system. In order to find the video recordings of a specific consignment, the employees enter the barcode into the search mask and the video system automatically provides the image of the last barcode scan. From this point on, the employees can follow the path of the goods through the warehouse on the video recordings.

“When incoming goods are being unloaded in the goods receipt area and later loaded in the goods issue area, our colleagues have a highly detailed view of the process. The loading area is fully covered. They follow the path of every consignment all the way from the goods receipt area to the final loading onto a truck”, reports Steven Vossenaar, Quality & Risk Manager, Raben in the Netherlands. “Our primary objective was to improve the processes and efficiency of our warehouse. We can also now furnish proof to our customers of the condition in which the individual consignments arrived at our warehouse. And we can also prove that we have handled the goods with the necessary circumspection and that they were ultimately loaded onto the trucks with the utmost care. The system is our documentation of safe and efficient processes. This really sets our company apart from our competitors. The video system gives us a decisive edge over our competitors, we are now at the forefront in this part of the market.”

“A data record is no real proof of properly running processes. This is a weakness of warehouse management systems. A video recording, in contrast, provides documentation that everything has been properly delivered”, adds Udo Rieger, CEO of VLS Engineering GmbH. “We stand for the topic visualisation of interfaces at passages of liability. For this purpose, we give our customers the possibility to prove and document what happened with the packages between unloading and loading in the warehouse.” In order to achieve this, VLS connects its own video technology with Ubisense’s tracking system. “Depending on the volume of orders and value of goods transported, the ROI for our solutions will be achieved within twelve to sixteen months”, adds Rieger. “Around the globe, companies are looking for new and innovative ways of using technologies. Because they are under increasing pressure to streamline their processes and lower their costs while simultaneously improving efficiency and quality”, says Adrian Jennings, Vice President Industry Strategy, Ubisense. “Ubisense assists companies in introducing significant operational improvements. In this way they always keep track of the high-quality goods of their customers even during complex processes and can ensure their safety. The VLS solution for the logistics industry allows logistics companies like Raben to do just that.”

Benefits of the VLS solution based on the Ubisense real-time tracking solution include:

  • Improvements within the process chains
  • Introduction and monitoring of new and transparent processes
  • Proof of quality vis-à-vis the customers
  • Enhanced documentation at the passages of liability
  • Reduction of error rates and thus increases in delivery rates
  • Cutbacks in insurance premiums
  • Raising employee awareness of the handling of resources and goods

www.ubisense.net / www.raben-group.com

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