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VLS in 3 minutes :: PKE Deutschland GmbH

VLS in 3 minutes

Recognise what's important

VLS provides support for you to measure and track your packages in a contactless way. Our software determines bulk and volume through 3 clicks on the video image – even if the package was loaded several days ago.

With VLS, you can track the position, direction, location and movement of all forklift trucks in real time. For this purpose, you only need to attach a code marker plate to the transport vehicle that you wish to track.

VLS locates, captures and stores the position of all wireless scanners in their hall – and it does this continuously and in real-time. If you are looking for a package, you will know immediately where and when it was last scanned. With a further click, you will receive exactly the right video image for the shipment you are looking for.

For the protection of your open spaces and the goods found there, VLS uses special thermal imaging cameras that “see” everything, even in total darkness. Through our analysis software, movements in the areas that need to be protected are able to be detected and reported at any time.

VLS provides you with all necessary information via App. Our mobile dashboard not only analyses the current utilisation of your storage areas but can also be configured dynamically and to meet your needs.

VLS in figures

years :: PKE Deutschland GmbH
practice-approved software development and system integration
logistics locations :: PKE Deutschland GmbH
are monitoring processes with VLS in europe
+ 18.000
cameras :: PKE Deutschland GmbH
are recording more then 8 mrd. pictures a day
+ 1.000
dispatchers :: PKE Deutschland GmbH
Quality managers, process managers and head storemans are working with VLS every day
+ 5.500 scanners
and forklifts :: PKE Deutschland GmbH
are permanently located by VLS technologies


 :: PKE Deutschland GmbH

More security with the new VLS Security Apps

Mit Hilfe von zusätzlichen Wärmebildkameras, der Einbindung von Laserscannern, dem Einsatz von Zaundetektionssystemen...

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Who is VLS?

Since 2003 we are developing software-based solutions for production and process visualisation in logistics. We are the inventors of „Visual Location Management Systems“ (VLMS).  More than 150 logisticians in Europe rely on our solutions for the visualisation, analysis and documentation of dynamic processes and imputations of liability.


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Your contacts

Udo Rieger :: PKE Deutschland GmbH

Udo Rieger

Managing Director

E-Mail: u.rieger@wordpress.v-l-s.com

Tel: +49 152 2285 1181

Nico Busse :: PKE Deutschland GmbH

Nico Busse

Head of Operations

E-Mail: n.busse@wordpress.v-l-s.com

Tel: +49 152 2285 1182

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